Halloween On Ice

By Shayan Naveed
Photo credit: www.haleymortensen.com

Halloween, a time when ghouls and goblins or should I say, slutty nurses and witches come out to play.

Now Bangkok is no stranger when it comes to Halloween. Come to think of it, Bangkokians don’t seem to spare any hallmark holiday, even if they don’t fully understand the reasoning behind it. In fact, the city is pretty much on fleek with parties and celebrations happening all over.
Some seem to go the extra mile with their costumes but most end up as the clichéd zombie, dead motorbike taxi driver or a witch. It’s all good and fun as long as you make some effort, right?
I went for a sophisticated Mafia henchman. I wasn’t going to dampen my style for the night. No sir. My friend opted for the said dead motorbike taxi driver, while the girls…well I’m not too sure what they went as.
But this story isn’t about what people wear or how they celebrate it. It’s about how one Halloween night, things went horribly wrong.
It started as it always does on a night out – dressing up, getting stuck in traffic on the way to the most happening party, finding out it really isn’t that great because everyone wants in on the open bar that you barely get 2 drinks per hour so you finally decided to head down to Khao San for some good old fashioned cheap street partying.
Crowds of zombies revel in their Sangsom buckets while slutty nurses take or deliver the most lethal shots. Blaring music from all directions blend into frenzy, creating a genre I’ve never heard of. Maybe this was the start of Electro-Pop-Rock-Dubstep!?
Then there’s the occasional pointing and staring but everyone seems to be having a good time. Your costume is always a great conversation starter. Those bathroom breaks are the best as for some reason it’s when people want to make the most conversation and you’re in this false pretense that the person you just hi-fived will be your new best friend for life.
The clock ticked 1 AM and the party is still going. This was before the cops started cracking down on Khao San. We’ve had enough so my wife, her brother and I decide it is time to retire and head home. Her cousin is trailing along behind us till he realizes he has forgotten something at the table.
We wait at the end of the road till we get a call from him saying that we should go on as he is heading the opposite direction anyway. We oblige.
Just as we enter my wife’s (girlfriend at the time) home we get a call from a friend. She’s hysterical and we couldn’t really understand what she was saying.
“He’s bleeding from the nose! His nose is broken and we’re headed to the hospital now!” she cries in disbelief. I ask my girlfriend to calm down and tell her brother to do so as well. I take the lead and tell them I’ll look into it and they should go home and wait for my call.
I grab the same taxi and head down to the hospital. I’m dazed, tipsy but luckily in control. After about 15 long minutes, I finally arrive at the hospital and there I see my friend, my wife’s cousin, putting believability to his “dead motorbike taxi costume” as blood was gushing out of his nose.
“What Happened?”
“Someone hit him with a bottle” explained a friend.
Apparently, there was a bar brawl near our table and my friend tried to stop the fight only to be blind sighted with a glass bottle to the face for his pious effort.
An ironic end to the night and something out of the script of a hangover movie.
Till date, we never knew what really happened and how or why the fight really started.
Ever since, we’ve been wary about going to Khao San, at least on the streets. If we do go, we make a beeline to Superflow, a very trendy beach club that just opened there, a place where you won’t expect any brash incidents.


About the contributor
Shayan Naveed
Born in Pakistan. Moved to Thailand since he was 10 years old. Having completed his entire education trifecta here has led him to this rollercoaster of a life in Bangkok. When he’s not working on his travel and lifestyle blog or managing marketing projects, he’s going on (or dreaming of) crazy adventures. Follow his Twitter: @ShayanBkk

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