The Life of a Riotous Motorbike Taxi Driver in Bangkok

 “Damri” has been on the road for over forty years he knows every route and every shortcut in Bangkok. The pursuit of his passion for music brought him to Bangkok from his North Eastern provincial home as a young man. Coping with big city life and Thailand’s political intrigue has led him to become the man he is.
The message boldly written on his jacket is paraphrased from a quote from an expelled English journalist and has raised many eyebrows, including those of the authorities. Damri’s jacket carries his deadly message over some of the world’s deadliest roads in an attempt to promote freedom of speech and raise awareness of road safety in Bangkok.
All roads lead to somewhere, this short documentary is an examination of his life and an exploration of the life of a man whose profession contributes to what makes Bangkok such a vibrant and unique city.
Centered on what drives him to become a reluctant activist and his quest for an answer to the profound question; “How much do we value our lives?”

Learn more about My Mission 

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