Finding Myself from a Bangkok Mental Hospital

The mental ward was painted in pastel white and green, the cleanliest part in the busy hospital. The couches were upholstered in misty earth-tone faux leather and everything in the waiting room was carefully selected for its ostentatious, almost fake, simplicity. The pictures hung on the walls were straightforward—the painting of a hut in a green field is a hut in a green field. There … Continue reading Finding Myself from a Bangkok Mental Hospital

The Lonely Life of a Bangkok Uber Driver

The man was unexpectedly handsome, or rather, ‘cute’ because of his sweet look resembled one of the K-Pop stars. He looked better in real life than the picture he put in his profile. The man who could have gone for a much better opportunity—represented a brand or appeared in an advertorial page of a magazine, not driving in a tiny Honda car. He was my Uber driver.

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I’ll Be There Soon

I was at a park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, running with a college friend named Max, the weather was 19C—in what we call ‘Thailand’s winter.’ I was in the city on business and, earlier that week, had been waiting for the weather to cool down. Max talked about the opening of the brand-new shopping mall in Bangkok—The Icon Siam—which features the first Apple Store in … Continue reading I’ll Be There Soon