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I’ll Be There Soon

I was at a park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, running with a college friend named Max, the weather was 19C—in what we call ‘Thailand’s winter.’ I was in the city on business and, earlier that week, had been waiting for the weather to cool down. Max talked about the opening of the brand-new shopping mall in Bangkok—The Icon Siam—which features the first Apple Store in … Continue reading I’ll Be There Soon

This is what happens to you when you decide to live in Bangkok

A while ago I saw someone had tweeted, ‘Back to the real world, San Francisco,’ after four months of traveling around Southeast Asia and I was like, ‘Am I living a fantasy?’

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Does That Look Like Me?

When it comes to wine selection, I usually go with the one that has a funny name. It doesn’t matter where it originally came from; it could be from Yemen or any of the countries ending with stan, but if it’s a Chardonnay and labeled “Good Weather”; please, take my card.

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