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A Kiss on the Mekong River

Before Tinder there was a thing called real life encounter. This is the story about what happened on the boat trip to Laos and an American girl aboard. Continue reading A Kiss on the Mekong River


The Lonely Life of a Bangkok Uber Driver

The man was unexpectedly handsome, or rather, ‘cute’ because of his sweet look resembled one of the K-Pop stars. He looked better in real life than the picture he put in his profile. The man who could have gone for a much better opportunity—represented a brand or appeared in an advertorial page of a magazine, not driving in a tiny Honda car. He was my Uber driver.

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Does That Look Like Me?

When it comes to wine selection, I usually go with the one that has a funny name. It doesn’t matter where it originally came from; it could be from Yemen or any of the countries ending with stan, but if it’s a Chardonnay and labeled “Good Weather”; please, take my card.

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